Japan Beverage

I have become mildly obsessed with the drinks machines that are on every street corner in Tokyo – they’re all full of mysterious liquids and they talk you after you’ve bought one (how easy the mundane can become poetic when you have none of the written or spoken language). Probably inspired by the visual simplicity of this (my favourite internet discovery for ages) I decided to photograph them at night and make a bit of a montage. You lose the detail at this size but it still works.

Drinks Machines

And a zoom…

Drinks Machine Zoom


4 responses to “Japan Beverage

  1. These are so fab. You can keep scanwiches. These are dead special.

  2. frankigoodwin

    OMG someone just pointed me in the direction of this! http://pingmag.jp/2008/06/16/vending-machine-extravaganza/

  3. LOVE this montage!!

    Can picture you skulking around at night seeking out anything that vends… well, not anything. No babel fish dispensers amongst ’em…

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